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Vangelis Solutions saves your business money by providing high value Managed IT Services, Cyber Security and Business Solutions.

So, How do we do I.T.?

Managed IT Services, IT Managed Services, Vangelis Solutions
  • By Delivering great customer service and robust IT Solutions
  • Through Developing ways to give you smoother day to day operations
  • By Protecting your business from hackers and other threats
  • With Planning and preparation throughout all stages
  • The results will save you money

We put 25 years of experience to work for you and your business. Why? Because we believe IT and Business are partners in Driving Success!

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IT Services and Business Solutions

We have been delivering great Managed IT Services, Cyber Security and other Business Solutions for over 25 years.

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IT Services

Managed IT Services
Networking Services, Upgrades and Migrations
Cyber Security
Cyber Security Analyst
Managed IT Services (CompTIA A+ certified)

We provide a range of Managed IT Services.

Our approach significantly enhances your business and prevents unnecessary time consuming and expensive distractions. 

We focus on keeping your IT systems operational, available and secure. You can focus on the everyday demands of expanding your business and increasing revenues.

Cyber Security Services (CYSA certified)

Cyber Security is everyone’s responsibility… at all levels.

As a CompTIA Cyber Security Analyst, Bretos Margetis is well qualified to provide a wide range certified assistance. This includes Insider Threats, Policies, Incident Response, Defense in Depth, and advice on software development to name just a few components.

We can devise a preventative program to suit your needs and your budget, so you can minimise your profile to wanna-be attackers.

Vangelis Solutions Cyber Security Services! Just another way we partner IT and Business to drive your success.

Project Management (Prince 2 Foundation certified)

We offer project management that is formal, flexible and adaptive. You can’t beat a good plan to ensure a smoother project outcome, not to mention a better return on investment.

Secure Remote Access Solutions (Vendor specific training)

The possibilities for working anywhere anytime from all kinds of mobile devices has never been greater. A uniform policy and experience of many devices are just two aspects we understand. Our practical expertise will help get the most out of your equipment. We work to ensure your staff can communicate safely and protecting your business.

Backup and Recovery Solutions

Today’s business needs mean that a backup system is a crucial part of both your daily business operations and your recovery planning. We are able to discuss with you the possibilities and combinations of onsite/offsite and online backup solutions and integrate these into your overall IT strategy.

Cloud and Virtualisation Solutions

Virtualisation is a well established technology that allows multiple physical servers to be “virtualised” inside one physical box. It’s like having multiple companies running within one building as opposed to have one building per company!

What are the benefits:

  • Lower running costs, i.e, a better environmental footprint through lower energy & air-conditioning costs.
  • Lower capital costs – new servers can be commissioned at a fraction of the cost because there is no need for a physical
  • Better resource utilisation: no more wastage of memory and gigahertz of processing power
  • To find out more from our website about virtualisation, please read this article or click on the following link to see a list of articles in the virtualisation category.
Web, Internet and Telephony Services

There is so much going on out there with the web, internet services, telephony services (VOIP and traditional PBX), it’s hard sometimes to know where to start. Let us help you navigate the maze that is the internet.

Networking Services & Design, Upgrades and Migrations (CompTIA Network+)

Our collective experience of designing and implementing network services means an efficient and cost effective solution for your company.

And when it comes to upgrades and migrations, 25 years in the industry will be of benefit to your company should you need to move from older outdated systems to the latest tried and tested products and services. Vangelis Solutions will supply, install and set up operating systems, software applications, utilities and the full range of hardware add-ons and upgrades.

Data Recovery and Forensics

Through our partners and direct expertise in recovering information, Vangelis Solutions has been able to provide assist numerous clients in preventing or minimising data loss, as well as recovering confidential information. In combination with our General IT Security Solutions, we can provide a discreet and professional data recovery and forensic analysis service.

Business Services

Business Continuity and DR Planning

As with so many things, good planning and preparation goes a long way to achieving any goal. Business Continuity Planning is an essential part of business survival and success. Please call us to discuss the possibilities!

Our IT Services and Business Solutions are created with you in mind. This is why we’ve been in business 25 years.

Contact Vangelis Solutions now to arrange a free introductory meeting. Call us on +44(0)20 3051 1740 or email en*******@su**************.uk

Find Out About Us

The first thing you’ll find out about us is that we’ve been around for over 25 years. We’ve seen it come and go.

Find Out About Us - Vangelis Solutions Ltd

Good Customer Service, however, is timeless and doesn’t change. What is our motivation? To ensure IT and Business are Partners in driving success in a competitive world.

We have a strong focus on R&D: Relationships and Delivering. Effort and understanding are standard, not optional. They are central to everything we do.

Vangelis Solutions provides IT Services and Business Solutions in and around London and the SouthEast. And first class remote and telephone support is standard.

Contact Vangelis Solutions now to arrange a free introductory meeting. Call us on +44(0)20 3051 1740 or email en*******@su**************.uk

Our Social Responsibility Program

Our social responsibility program has featured the Crisis at Christmas campaign for 7 years

The collaboration with other homeless charity groups has allowed us to give our guests  some great things which we so often take for granted:
  • A warm, dry, safe place to sleep
  • Hope
  • A Smile
  • Genuine Human Interaction
  • A future

John F Kennedy once said: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”

If the help offered sometimes seems like a drop in the ocean, remember…. what is an ocean but a multitude of drops!

To view the Crisis 2018 master plan to try and end homelessness, please click here 

Equal to our passion for great, business oriented IT, Vangelis Solutions is proud of its Corporate Social Responsibility program. If you have a corporate social responsibility program you want help with, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Previous Campaigns

The 2017 Campaign

The 2018 Campaign

The 2019 Campaign

The 2020 Campaign

The 2021 Campaign

The 2022 Campaign (January 2023)

Contact Vangelis Solutions now to find out more about our other social responsibility contributions. Call us on +44(0)20 3051 1740 or email en*******@su**************.uk