Crisis at Christmas 2022 Campaign

Crisis at Christmas 2022 Campaign

The Crisis at Christmas 2022 Campaign involved four friday evenings in January 2023 were spent attending to the usual general volunteering duties ended the Crisis at Christmas 2022 campaign. 

The extension throughout January is looking set to stay as it is rapidly improving the help our homeless guests are receiving. Such is the extent of the success that c.75% of those who stay on are now able to get off the streets and into a better and safer form of short term occassion. After this, better medium term accommodation, job training, long term health improvements etc really start to kick in. 

It would have been hard to see that COVID could have produced some benefits, but it did. By moving the Christmas campaign accommodation out of sports halls and mass shared accommodation, all kinds of benefits have been realised for our homeless guests. They have private rooms (albeit temporary), safety, a sense of dignity….. they start to feel human again. Just saying hello to them very often produces the result “Thanks for not ignoring me” or “Thanks for remembering I’m human”.

If the help offered sometimes seems like a drop in the ocean, remember…. what is an ocean but a multitude of drops!

To view the Crisis 2018 master plan to try and end homelessness, please click here 

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