Crisis at Christmas 2017 Campaign

The Crisis at Christmas 2017 campaign was deeply moving experience!

Following on from our 2016 CHUCK community homelessness work in Brisbane, Australia, Vangelis Solutions has volunteered services and support to Crisis.  Thousands of volunteers are needed to perform vital tasks to deal with the homelessness crisis facing the UK.

Some clients have asked what were some of the memorable moments:

  • When speaking to homeless people, they all remarked how better they felt when they weren’t ignored or treated like lepers or misjudged. A kind word and smile, a 5 minute conversation, will have a powerful and positive effect in helping someone get through their homeless day. “Thank you for not ignoring me” one homeless victim of domestic violence remarked.
  • Over the course of several shifts, you have the opportunity to speak with many of the homeless guests who have come for respite. During the first shift, I spoke with a middle aged gentleman for whom that day was his first at the centre, and who was suffering the effects of alcohol abuse, street living and isolation. He was not at all well. In the second shift, after a decent night’s sleep, good food, a shower and some healthcare, he was looking much better when I spoke to him again. “I don’t remember you” he said; “that’s ok”, I replied, “I remember you”. The smile that broke out across his face will forever remain a heart warming memory.

Please remember to take a look at the Crisis 2018 plan to try and end homelessness. Your contribution and support will be invaluable in helping us achieve this.

Vangelis Solutions is pleased that even some of its competitors have all been inspired to follow suit.

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